• Teaching the Power of the Internet

  • Posted on July 06, 2016
  • It’s been nearly two decades since Jay Devaughn started to under the potential power of the Internet and its ability to allow people who are in a difficult situation the ability to educate themselves. Though he already had a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree in social work, Jay realized that giving HIV/AIDS clients the ability to use the Internet to its full potential, he would have to learn more, so he applied for and won a full scholarship through the Gates Foundation to the University of Alabama's School of Information Studies, where he earned a MLIS degree in 1999.

    Since then, Jay Devaughn has taught many people how to best use the Internet to find the help they need for their situation. He moved to Portland, Oregon, where he became a Reference/Information Specialist, teaching the public how to search for information on the Internet. He then worked in library systems in Louisville and Campbell County, just outside of Cincinnati, teaching teach public computer and internet searching classes. In 2004, he ended up in Jefferson County, Colorado in 2004 as a Patron Education Specialist, and he continues to teach Internet and computer literacy throughout the Denver area to this day. In addition to his educational pursuits, Jay Devaughn has also published poetry and short stories in a number of notable publications.

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